Exam Management System


Easily enable exam invigilator to conduct the examination in the allotted exam hall with configurable seating plan and marking of student & invigilator attendance. Dynamic Seating plans with shuffling feature for exam rooms. Rapid Enrollment and Registration of Students for Examinations

Facilitating Features Of Aeromus Examination System Integration:

It is designed as an efficient tool which helps the teachers in Exam planning, creating Exam papers, Question Banks with their solutions, Exam Time-table, Exam results, allocating the Exam supervisors and teachers to check the student's paper. Schools can take in-house exams and also can customize the marks or grade based exams. This system provides all the details on single platform, which enables better study environment and transparency in the institute

  • Create, Maintain, View, Upload and Download Reports, Results or Documents
  • Manage Exam time-table with proper planning and scheduling.
  • Create Structured Exam papers through Online Exam management.
  • A better monitoring of Student's Performance
  • Get every detail about the examiner and supervisor for different exams
  • Parents can directly get performance Reports of their childrens.
  • Get notifications for daily, weekly and yearly examination reports
  • Fill marks in the Mark sheet
  • View Mark sheet of each students.
  • Print all Mark sheets in one click.
  • Generate Admit Card.
  • Print Admit Card of whole class in single click

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