Time Table Management System

Aeromus Time Table Management System helps institute to create quickly multiple timetables which save an adequate amount of administrative time and effort. Through this School Management System, it will be easy to manage Proxy period of teachers, which save the time and efforts of administrative staff. Creating timetable, assigning proxy period, and managing faculty timetable is very easy.
Once timetable is assigned into for particular class a faculty can view their own classroom timetable and will able to manage their schedules accordingly in School Administration Software.


Timetable is immediately posted to all the Students/Parents and all the respective teachers of the institute once it is being updated by the administrative staff. Even we have gone one more step in our School ERP to give you a wow factor. You can send text message when a you are setting a proxy lecture. This message can be send to the new assigned teacher and also the absent teacher. In case of any change in daily schedule timetable it will automatically reflected in the School Mobile App.


  • Make Time Table of school & assign the teachers with subjects
  • View Time Table of any class & check the subject’s period.
  • Check Teachers Availability or Free teacher during periods.
  • You can create different time-slots for timetables of different standards as per need
  • Students can see their timetable of their class and teachers can see their whole day time-table
  • Automatic creation of time table for teachers on creation of students’ timetables
  • Drag and drop makes time table creation easy and simple

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